• To-Do List – Internet on the Dreamcast

    My Dreamcast is an awesome machine. Ahead of its time, it came with a modem installed, and the ability to install a broadband adapter. However, the BBA tends to sell for over $100 on ebay, as they were very rare when they came out – if you wanted one, you weren’t likely to let it go. Enter the MS Windows / Dreamcast Server.

    Use the existing modem on the Dreamcast to “dial” directly into a modem on a Windows box – with a bit of configuration, the Win PC will share its network connection, allowing the DC to access the Internet, etc.

    Not quite sure what I would use if for, now that most (all?) of the online games for the DC have had servers shut down… but it would make for a nice web browser for ppl to use if they wanted to check webmail …

    Who am I kidding. it’s for the novelty of it.