• Well… that was quick.

    I threw in a (semi) invisible captcha for comments because of the WordPress spam idiocy. If you post something that the program deems questionable, then it throws a simple text-based Turing test at you. I posted a couple of comments to test it, and when looking at the stats, it turns out that Akismet (wordpress’s spam-catching plugin installed by default) had already caught 6 other spam posts.

    This is a good thing.

  • Site Update (kinda)

    Just threw in the php code for random image in the banner. 2 images in there as of now, more to come. I feel so productive…

  • Juno -> Gmail … wish me luck.

    After being on Juno for years, my parents have allowed themselves to be convinced to go to a web-based email. Gmail offers the size (7390.791141 MB as of this post) for their email that they would need (mom is a bit of an email packrat), but after using Juno for years, all address book information would have to be entered all over again, and all of her email would be lost.

    On the to-do list – get parents converted from Juno to web-based Gmail. Found this application (source) that will convert the locally stored Juno email database to a usable format, and this file (source) that will upload it to Gmail’s servers. Both applications are a bit on the elderly side… ( more than 3 years ) but if they work, I will be the miracle worker of the year.