• Routers, part deux…done!

    It’s alive. ALIVE!

    DD-WRT successfully flashed to the WRT54GL, and it is happily purring under my desk, with a few changes and tweaks from the default configuration. QoS is turned on for P2P traffic (I help seed Ubuntu, among others) and VPN is turned on and configuring for my tunneling to my network. I’m using the mini build – smallest build that will work on the router, leaving some free memory space… needed for the ports that I have open for the P2P stuff. Runs amazingly better than the WRT54G v5 on the build that I had before. Crippled hardware left me only able to run the micro build of DD-WRT, and VPN was left off of there entirely. (but they left the programming in for an optional paid hotspot… i don’t get it.)

  • Palm Stuff

    I have an aging Palm Zire 31 that I use mostly for time-killing, mind-numbing games while at work or running around.
    Once again, I neglected to charge the thing, and it went back to default settings because it stores everything on volatile memory. oops.
    Because it’s getting harder and harder to find the apps i use on teh intarwebs, i saved them to zip files for easier access for when i have to do this again.
    Here they are, for posterity’s sake. (and to help others who are looking for these programs)

    These programs are what I could find, and may not be the most current / stable / shiny ones out there. They work for me. Use at your own risk, your mileage may vary, you are responsible for your own experimentations, etc.

    CWimp 2.7b
    A small program used to play the AWESOME game Cosmic Wimpout. While the creator’s page is here, he moved the program to another tracker site, and i cannot seem to find it on there. Here is the most recent version that I could find.

    OWBN RPS (version unknown)
    Fully configurable Rock-Paper-Scissors (Bomb) thrower for LARPS. Random generation of throws, with subtle overrides for power-players, or configurable throws by percentages. I cannot find any trace of this program anywhere, and the email address included goes to a MUD domain name.

    SoftReset 1.0.3
    Quick and dirty app to reboot the Palm. Saves on background apps drawing what limited power the Zire 31 has to offer. Also has a System Information screen that give info on versions, battery charge, etc.

    SpaceTrader 1.2.2
    Think Freelancer / Wing Commander Privateer / Space Rogue / Dope Wars and then put them all in a blender and take out the actual graphical combat, and put it on a hand-held device for portability. Add some crack for addictiveness. Home page is here.
    Cheats are here.

  • Windows FUN-damentals

    Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is designed to basically be a thin client for RDP sessions. It’s been a release since 2006 (?) from Microsoft, but only available for Volume Licensing customers. It’s built to work on Windows 95-98 compatible computers, but is installable with driver extensions (allowing for any xp-compatible drivers to be installed) and has none of the extra bloat that XP comes with (movie maker / messenger, etc). I heard about this on a forum discussing Asus Eee PCs when looking for a replacement for the unsatisfactory CrunchBang Linux that I had on the old Pearl EEE 8G.
    fundamentals for legacy computer screenshotclick for full-size.
    Oh man – it’s fast, especially for a netbook.
    Installation takes up only 600-800 MB of the HDD.
    Because it’s on an SSD, I turned off the windows swap file, indexing, and system restore (I think that one was off by default anyway), and it’s even faster.
    Installation is not for the average Joe – it REALLY wants to log in to a domain and have a static IP set for it.
    I’ll play with this a quite a bit – while i’m a bit wary of installing this on a full desktop PC, on a netbook, this is ideal. I’m half tempted to see if this will install on the old 486 laptop….
    Update: Has to use a special version of XP Service Pack 3 – available here.
    Update 2: DirectX dosen’t like to install, making graphics applications not work too well. Workaround here. Essentially, you have to copy DirectX dll’s from a computer with a good current copy of directX 9c to the windows/system32 directory of the FLP installation.
    Update 3: Old games rock on the eeePC, as does a Sega Genesis emulator with some games.