• Site Updates and General Laziness


    I know, I know, It’s been a while. Real Life (TM) caught up with me, and while I know it’s been almost a year since I’ve updated last, the site is lowest on my priority on the “get things done” list.

    HOWEVER – the following has been accomplished, just not announced, with further details to come.

    • Home server upgraded… and I fell back to Windows for the Server OS
    • MP3 player replaced. Sick of the Connect, I found some old e200 Sansas for sale. Shiney!
    • Divorce final. Don’t know if I’ll make more comment on that or not.
    • House Purchased! Beautiful place, unfinished basement. WIRES GOING EVERYWHERE!!1!
    • Mini Computer running as a media center. Pretty slick, actually.
    • SITE UPDATE(S): I’ve gone through and re-tweaked some CSS when bored, corrected coloring on some links that no one has ever visited, and officially set up a Disclaimer for the usage of the site. Found out that the WordPress backend is NOT bulletproof -or idiotproof. Whoops. Thankfully, I have a very good hosting company who still has amazing care for the “little guy” clients.
    • Currently playing Mass Effect. Again. Going to start Mass Effect 2 in mid-April. Then, maybe Mass Effect 3, if it drops a bit in price.

  • Routers, part deux…done!

    It’s alive. ALIVE!

    DD-WRT successfully flashed to the WRT54GL, and it is happily purring under my desk, with a few changes and tweaks from the default configuration. QoS is turned on for P2P traffic (I help seed Ubuntu, among others) and VPN is turned on and configuring for my tunneling to my network. I’m using the mini build – smallest build that will work on the router, leaving some free memory space… needed for the ports that I have open for the P2P stuff. Runs amazingly better than the WRT54G v5 on the build that I had before. Crippled hardware left me only able to run the micro build of DD-WRT, and VPN was left off of there entirely. (but they left the programming in for an optional paid hotspot… i don’t get it.)

  • Routers, Routers, Everywhere!

    Part 1

    Thanks to an open box mix-up at Best Buy some years back, I have a Linksys BEFSR81 v2 router. When trying to find firmware for it, it turns out that it doesn’t exist on Linksys’ US website.

    v1 exists.
    v3 exists.

    Turns out v2 was only released in Europe (citation needed). After hunting through teh Intartubes, I managed to find the product page that had specs and even (gasp) UPDATED FIRMWARE.

    So, as is the case with most of my posts, here is the link to the site, and a mirror of the latest firmware. Do not use this. Evar. I’m not responsible. This is for my use.

    Part 2

    First – the players in the game:

    1. Linksys WRT54GL v1.1
    2. DD-WRT

    After having successfully installed DD-WRT on a WRT54G a couple of years ago, I absolutely LOVED the interface and the amount of control that it gave me in reference to my network and my Internet connection. Multiple torrents streaming, newsgroups chugging away, and browsing sessions were happily co-existing on a single cable modem…then DSL connection.

    Having invested in a WRT54GL router (which is actually built for this kind of thing) I now have the opportunity to plug in an advanced version of the software and brick the hardware have my network running the way I like.

    Because the DD-WRT website is a rats nest of documentation and model information and whatnot, the relevant pages I found for reference are thus:

    I’m living dangerously.