• … my cats

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    My Elder Statesman:

    Yes, I'm his pillow. No, I won't forget my place.


    13 years old (at the time of this writing) and was the alpha cat in the neighborhood for many years running. Unfortunately, arthritis caught up with him, and it now hurts him to get up and moving around. Very protective of me and the family, he has to introduce himself to all visitors… and if they are worthy, they may give him scritches.

    "Sleep Like a Kitten..."


    My Fluffbutt:


    just chillin'
    6 years old (at the time of this writing) and is currently alpha cat of the house… except when it comes to Loki, whom she defers to. If she’s drinking, and he wants some water, it’s his – she patiently waits her turn again. Fanatical hunter of the shoestrings and the laser light, she prowls the night looking for intruders and hairties that violate her territory. Anti-social except when it comes to her human, she will grace most others with her presence in the room, if they are worthy.

    where we goin?

    can't see me