• CONNECTed … maybe not.

    I am the proud owner of a Sansa Connect mp3 player now, after my Sansa e260 died a horrible, hacked death. Slick little player, manufactured with the idea that Yahoo Rhapsody (streaming music) would be available over a wireless connection, and this player could pick it up.
    Well, Yahoo and Sansa had a falling out following some shakeup with Rhapsody, and people with paid subscriptions to Rhapsody were able to convert their accounts, and those using the free service on their Connects were SOL. I may be misunderstanding the situation, but the result is that the Connects couldn’t…well, connect.
    So the players are now discontinued, and available on the cheap, but have a firmware that turns OFF the wireless – essentially turning it into a 4GB mp3 player. A little digging on the Internet finds a kind soul that has the older version of the recovery tool – that re-activates the wireless. (!)
    So by holding down the Super-Secret-Button-Combination (source) I entered Recovery mode, and installed the firmware downgrade. Got it up and running, rebooted, uploaded music, rebooted, and… and… it hung at boot screen. Reflashed, re-upped music, and same thing happened. Well, bugger. Re-flashed with the no-wifi version, no issues.
    Ah well – i guess the crippled version is going to be it. At least it supports micro SDHC cards now – so a 8-16 GB card is in my future.

    For future reference:
    Sandisk Connect Recovery tool (no wireless) (current, as of 12-21-09) (source)
    Sandisk Connect Recovery tool (wireless enabled) (outdated)
    Recovery Mode Instructions (current, as of 12-21-09) (source)