• Routers, part deux…done!

    It’s alive. ALIVE!

    DD-WRT successfully flashed to the WRT54GL, and it is happily purring under my desk, with a few changes and tweaks from the default configuration. QoS is turned on for P2P traffic (I help seed Ubuntu, among others) and VPN is turned on and configuring for my tunneling to my network. I’m using the mini build – smallest build that will work on the router, leaving some free memory space… needed for the ports that I have open for the P2P stuff. Runs amazingly better than the WRT54G v5 on the build that I had before. Crippled hardware left me only able to run the micro build of DD-WRT, and VPN was left off of there entirely. (but they left the programming in for an optional paid hotspot… i don’t get it.)