• Palm Stuff

    I have an aging Palm Zire 31 that I use mostly for time-killing, mind-numbing games while at work or running around.
    Once again, I neglected to charge the thing, and it went back to default settings because it stores everything on volatile memory. oops.
    Because it’s getting harder and harder to find the apps i use on teh intarwebs, i saved them to zip files for easier access for when i have to do this again.
    Here they are, for posterity’s sake. (and to help others who are looking for these programs)

    These programs are what I could find, and may not be the most current / stable / shiny ones out there. They work for me. Use at your own risk, your mileage may vary, you are responsible for your own experimentations, etc.

    CWimp 2.7b
    A small program used to play the AWESOME game Cosmic Wimpout. While the creator’s page is here, he moved the program to another tracker site, and i cannot seem to find it on there. Here is the most recent version that I could find.

    OWBN RPS (version unknown)
    Fully configurable Rock-Paper-Scissors (Bomb) thrower for LARPS. Random generation of throws, with subtle overrides for power-players, or configurable throws by percentages. I cannot find any trace of this program anywhere, and the email address included goes to a MUD domain name.

    SoftReset 1.0.3
    Quick and dirty app to reboot the Palm. Saves on background apps drawing what limited power the Zire 31 has to offer. Also has a System Information screen that give info on versions, battery charge, etc.

    SpaceTrader 1.2.2
    Think Freelancer / Wing Commander Privateer / Space Rogue / Dope Wars and then put them all in a blender and take out the actual graphical combat, and put it on a hand-held device for portability. Add some crack for addictiveness. Home page is here.
    Cheats are here.