• Windows FUN-damentals

    Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is designed to basically be a thin client for RDP sessions. It’s been a release since 2006 (?) from Microsoft, but only available for Volume Licensing customers. It’s built to work on Windows 95-98 compatible computers, but is installable with driver extensions (allowing for any xp-compatible drivers to be installed) and has none of the extra bloat that XP comes with (movie maker / messenger, etc). I heard about this on a forum discussing Asus Eee PCs when looking for a replacement for the unsatisfactory CrunchBang Linux that I had on the old Pearl EEE 8G.
    fundamentals for legacy computer screenshotclick for full-size.
    Oh man – it’s fast, especially for a netbook.
    Installation takes up only 600-800 MB of the HDD.
    Because it’s on an SSD, I turned off the windows swap file, indexing, and system restore (I think that one was off by default anyway), and it’s even faster.
    Installation is not for the average Joe – it REALLY wants to log in to a domain and have a static IP set for it.
    I’ll play with this a quite a bit – while i’m a bit wary of installing this on a full desktop PC, on a netbook, this is ideal. I’m half tempted to see if this will install on the old 486 laptop….
    Update: Has to use a special version of XP Service Pack 3 – available here.
    Update 2: DirectX dosen’t like to install, making graphics applications not work too well. Workaround here. Essentially, you have to copy DirectX dll’s from a computer with a good current copy of directX 9c to the windows/system32 directory of the FLP installation.
    Update 3: Old games rock on the eeePC, as does a Sega Genesis emulator with some games.

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    • Tabby

      Are you still running this? How does it work for you now if you are? or have you found something you like more? ;)