• Routers, Routers, Everywhere!

    Part 1

    Thanks to an open box mix-up at Best Buy some years back, I have a Linksys BEFSR81 v2 router. When trying to find firmware for it, it turns out that it doesn’t exist on Linksys’ US website.

    v1 exists.
    v3 exists.

    Turns out v2 was only released in Europe (citation needed). After hunting through teh Intartubes, I managed to find the product page that had specs and even (gasp) UPDATED FIRMWARE.

    So, as is the case with most of my posts, here is the link to the site, and a mirror of the latest firmware. Do not use this. Evar. I’m not responsible. This is for my use.

    Part 2

    First – the players in the game:

    1. Linksys WRT54GL v1.1
    2. DD-WRT

    After having successfully installed DD-WRT on a WRT54G a couple of years ago, I absolutely LOVED the interface and the amount of control that it gave me in reference to my network and my Internet connection. Multiple torrents streaming, newsgroups chugging away, and browsing sessions were happily co-existing on a single cable modem…then DSL connection.

    Having invested in a WRT54GL router (which is actually built for this kind of thing) I now have the opportunity to plug in an advanced version of the software and brick the hardware have my network running the way I like.

    Because the DD-WRT website is a rats nest of documentation and model information and whatnot, the relevant pages I found for reference are thus:

    I’m living dangerously.

  • Palm Stuff

    I have an aging Palm Zire 31 that I use mostly for time-killing, mind-numbing games while at work or running around.
    Once again, I neglected to charge the thing, and it went back to default settings because it stores everything on volatile memory. oops.
    Because it’s getting harder and harder to find the apps i use on teh intarwebs, i saved them to zip files for easier access for when i have to do this again.
    Here they are, for posterity’s sake. (and to help others who are looking for these programs)

    These programs are what I could find, and may not be the most current / stable / shiny ones out there. They work for me. Use at your own risk, your mileage may vary, you are responsible for your own experimentations, etc.

    CWimp 2.7b
    A small program used to play the AWESOME game Cosmic Wimpout. While the creator’s page is here, he moved the program to another tracker site, and i cannot seem to find it on there. Here is the most recent version that I could find.

    OWBN RPS (version unknown)
    Fully configurable Rock-Paper-Scissors (Bomb) thrower for LARPS. Random generation of throws, with subtle overrides for power-players, or configurable throws by percentages. I cannot find any trace of this program anywhere, and the email address included goes to a MUD domain name.

    SoftReset 1.0.3
    Quick and dirty app to reboot the Palm. Saves on background apps drawing what limited power the Zire 31 has to offer. Also has a System Information screen that give info on versions, battery charge, etc.

    SpaceTrader 1.2.2
    Think Freelancer / Wing Commander Privateer / Space Rogue / Dope Wars and then put them all in a blender and take out the actual graphical combat, and put it on a hand-held device for portability. Add some crack for addictiveness. Home page is here.
    Cheats are here.

  • Konami-fied!

    The BIGstan.net home page has been enhanced with the Konami code, thanks to a quick script and how-to and some l337 HTML programming by ME!

    OK, the HTML sucks. but then again, Konami codes on a web page are for fun and entertainment purposes – not heavy, content-rich stuff. At least – that’s my excuse.

    More websites that use the Konami code are listed here.