• Well…nuts.

    Yes, I know I haven’t updated in forever. Yes, I know that I need to keep up with stuff. You know what I have to say to that?

    Gee, mom – I think you’re the only one who reads this anyway.

    ANYWAY, the site was down today for a length of time that even I noticed. Scary, huh? When I called my hosting support, I was routed to India. Verified by the person on the phone.

    Now I’m not going to go all “‘MURICA” on anyone, but if this is going to be a site that I’m paying for, and the service started with my own “support hero” who was assigned to my account and I could contact directly – and is now a call center in India – I’d say that it went downhill. I’m not pleased. It’s not like I have to call that often (maybe twice in the last 4 years or so) but as a tech worker who has seen his own job go overseas (thanks, GE Capital), I’m not happy with that.

    If anyone at IX happens to read this and begs to differ, I’d be happy to hear. It’s not like that’s ever going to happen – I have the lowest hosting plan, at the cheapest price possible. Probably wouldn’t even see me leave.

  • Wot? Is this thing still on?

    OK, yeah… it’s been a while. A long while.

    I’ve gone back to school at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Loving it.
    It is a major time sink, so this page will continue gathering dust (like it doesn’t already) with occasional, sporadic updates as I remember/have time/am not watching the new Dr Who.

    Kickstarter is my friend – 3 games invested in, and eagerly looking for more from independent peoples.

    Alright – back to homework. Peace, all.

  • Site Updates and General Laziness


    I know, I know, It’s been a while. Real Life (TM) caught up with me, and while I know it’s been almost a year since I’ve updated last, the site is lowest on my priority on the “get things done” list.

    HOWEVER – the following has been accomplished, just not announced, with further details to come.

    • Home server upgraded… and I fell back to Windows for the Server OS
    • MP3 player replaced. Sick of the Connect, I found some old e200 Sansas for sale. Shiney!
    • Divorce final. Don’t know if I’ll make more comment on that or not.
    • House Purchased! Beautiful place, unfinished basement. WIRES GOING EVERYWHERE!!1!
    • Mini Computer running as a media center. Pretty slick, actually.
    • SITE UPDATE(S): I’ve gone through and re-tweaked some CSS when bored, corrected coloring on some links that no one has ever visited, and officially set up a Disclaimer for the usage of the site. Found out that the WordPress backend is NOT bulletproof -or idiotproof. Whoops. Thankfully, I have a very good hosting company who still has amazing care for the “little guy” clients.
    • Currently playing Mass Effect. Again. Going to start Mass Effect 2 in mid-April. Then, maybe Mass Effect 3, if it drops a bit in price.